The pavement of a road that has been deformed or torn by the root of a tree, branches that entwine into a metal fence and twist it, a root that penetrates a concrete slab, cracking it. I have always been fascinated by the life force of nature defying constructed elements, these transformations/deformations of human buildings by nature that seem to represent an act of rebellion against our presence. Vase with Roots evokes this type of event and confrontation. Observing the object, it seems as if the roots belong to a plant that has broken through the bottom of a vase.

Vase with Roots is a piece that was created for Efeito D, a project to raise awareness for Down Syndrome, which challenged Portuguese and international designers to produce objects that incorporated a difference into their genetic code that would make them unique, original and attractive to consumers.

Now the Lisbon Gallery makes this piece available once again, keeping with its original objective of increasing the visibility of this cause, donating 50% of the profit of its sale to Diferenças, a child development centre that helps and supports children with cognitive and developmental difficulties.