Lisbon Gallery operates in the fields of contemporary design, architecture, visual arts and creativity, with a strong emphasis on curatorial exploration and innovation.

Flexible and adaptable, it opened its first temporary space in Palácio do Príncipe Real, Lisbon, in December 2017, and then in Zurich in the last half of 2018, in partnership with the Brand New World Salon gallery. It has been operating exclusively online since 2019.

Originally, it centred on developing the areas of design and architecture by producing projects with unique characteristics, creating the conditions for designers and architects to carry out their own research and ideas. Its investment is deeply rooted in the connection between design and architecture with craftsmanship and industry, with a particular focus on the exploration of different types of sustainable materials and all kinds of technological innovation.

Recently, as a result of a partnership with Terrafoundation, Lisbon Gallery has opened its doors to projects and works in the areas of visual arts, photography, video and other media.

Our clients can find a gallery that lives beyond a physical space, presenting pieces developed by designers, architects, artists and craftspeople. A gallery curated according to the principles of research, quality, beauty and originality.