The exhibition “The Day Opens My Eyes” presented part of the research work of photographer Rafael Oliveira a.k.a. Oxyretronave, curated and directed by José Cabaço. 24 compositions and 345 photographs in postcard format were presented in an old space in Carvalhal, a disused café, during the Terrafoundation Warm-Up.

Invited to be the first resident artist in Terrafoundation’s residency programme, Terra Creative, Rafael de Oliveira spent several days in November 2022 immersed in the territory of the Comporta area, mapping it and recording a kaleidoscope of images with his camera. His gaze was then the subject of creative intervention by José Cabaço, who selected the photographs and – in collaboration with the author – recombined some of them, and intervened in others.

The title of the exhibition refers to the book by José Tolentino Mendonça, entitled “The Night Opens My Eyes” – but instead of being inspired by the night, Rafael worked only during the day, exploring the impact of the gradations of light caused by the intense sun of the Comporta area.

The 24 composite works and the 345 photographs in postcard format are represented by the Lisbon Gallery, in a limited edition of 3+1. All proceeds go towards the artist and to Terra Creative, Terrafoundation’s artistic residency programme. Find out more about each one here