The Lisbon Gallery operates in the field of contemporary Design and Architecture, with a strong emphasis on curatorial exploration and innovation.

The gallery focuses on fostering development in the fields of design and architecture and in producing extraordinary projects, giving designers and architects the ideal conditions to accomplish their own research and ideas.

Its investment is strongly rooted on the connection between design and architecture with craftsmanship and industry, with a special focus on the exploration of different materials and in all types of technological innovation. Furthermore, the Lisbon Gallery also holds a great interest in the interrelation between design and architecture with culture in general, assuming both fields as cultural and social catalysts.

The Lisbon Gallery offers a special selection of pieces created by the group of designers and architects that it represents, which are also an image of its curatorial perspective and practice. Additionally, we also invest in a selection of very specific reeditions of projects that have somehow been lost in time.

Our clients will find a gallery that breathes and lives beyond its physical space, presenting unique pieces developed by established designers and architects. A truly unique approach based on principles of research, quality, beauty and originality.